Week 6 – Feeling a Little Stir Crazy

This week the “stay at home” and “social distancing” finally got to this introvert. I am hanging on, thanks to at home CrossFit workouts, to healthy food, to phone calls with friends (yah!) and to establishing a daily routine . . . and then sticking to it (more or less). Wine helps, too!

The most exciting thing happening in my life this week? As you can see by the pictures below, the bottom of my steps has a tendency to turn into a pond with the sudden thunderstorms we have in Florida. That water is ankle-deep. Not fun.

Well, it almost never rains in Florida, so this shouldn’t be an issue . . . .

Oh wait, it rains every day in Florida summer.

My first solution? I admit, I turned to Amazon. I found myself the coolest pair of galoshes that you ever did see. These will be on my feet (or in my car) every time I leave the apartment from this point forward, just in case. My brother, being the engineer that he is, had a better idea.

When he and Jenny bought the house, there were concrete paving stones in various places around the property. They have been sitting idle, as they had no use for them. But they are kind of perfect for the mini-pond outside my steps. So we made a small Sunday morning project out of removing the paving stones from their yard, and placing them at the foot of my stairs. I am so happy with my new entry. I can’t wait to see how it holds up during the next storm!

In other news? I find myself daydreaming about my summer road trip. My August-September plans to visit Savannah, Charleston, northern Virginia and Rhode Island still live. This gives me something to look forward to. Because I long to move. I’m so desperate for movement that my trip to the military base this past week, which only takes 25 minutes, felt like a long road trip.

I daydream about returning to the gym. It’s been so great to have workout partners to keep me a bit motivated. But I miss my gym. I daydream of going to Target without weighing the consequences of this now life and death decision.

Each morning, I practice gratitude to remember everything that I do have. Others do not have basics right now – income, health, community support, access to nourishing food. Practicing gratitude (3 things each morning – and they have to be different each morning) helps me stay centered.

I have managed to mostly avoid baking – and thus the dreaded “COVID 19 (pounds)”. I am enjoying the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes. For this evening, my contribution to Sunday family dinner is tomato soup and brownies. So a little baking – but they are made with excellent ingredients (cacao powder, almond flour, maple syrup, etc.), for which I feel zero guilt.

Tell me what you are grateful for this week. Today I am grateful for this blog. You all inspire me to write each week, to share my stories. In the process, I reflect on the goodness and fun and happiness I have in my life. So, thank you. I hope you all have a wonderful week, till next time!

One comment

  1. Hi Beth! I am grateful for the Instacart shopper who went to Wegmans and delivered my groceries to my doorstep this morning. And I am grateful for good novels that transport me to other times and places so I’m finally able to unwind at the end of these long days. Hope your week has gone well and that you’re feeling a little less stir crazy somehow!

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