Week 5 – Work and Local Wildlife

As we leave Week 5 and enter Week 6 in social distancing, I admit it’s starting to get to me just as much as anyone else. An introvert at heart, I’ve weathered the past few weeks well. However, this weekend I long for the simple things – mid-week happy hour, shopping for summer dresses, even a trip to Target!

This weeks’ post will be short and sweet, but we will have one! CrossFit continues, and has become a welcome break from the weekday routine. I so enjoy the evening motivation and workout with Bruce and Jenny. On Thursday, I mentioned my hankering for Mexican food. Bruce says, “well let’s go”. Off we went to a local Mexican place, where we ordered and paid for our food while waiting in the car. The food was fantastic!

Work continues to be very busy. Suddenly every expat who has never filed a tax return (and many who have) are reaching out to us to ask, “am I eligible for the stimulus check?”; “how will the IRS find me?”; “how fast can we file?” We have almost double the number of new projects this month as we did in April a year ago.

As busy as we are, I am incredibly grateful to be working and to have a great team of colleagues. I’m enjoying the ability I’ve been given to lead and to team-build. I’m enjoying the ability to flex with the changing requirements, to innovate and to bring in new resources.

My trip to Trader Joe’s demonstrated that the rules continue to shift. We are (unhappily) no longer allowed to use our recyclable bags. (see picture below) Shopping has become less and less fun, though I do sympathize with the grocery store employees. I can only imagine what they are enduring right now.

Happily, my apartment complex abuts Egypt Lake. There is even a small dock with built-in benches where residents can hang out. Bruce and Jenny came for a visit this weekend. We watched the sun set as we chatted, and became acquainted with some of the local wildlife! (see picture below) The ducklings were amazingly cute – and fast! They dart around the water so quickly. Then, I suppose you have to be fast to survive in the world when you’re that small.

Here’s to a good week this week. I’m thinking of all of you. Stay strong, stay happy and connect with someone this week. Till next time!

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