Week 3 – Staying Productive, Staying Healthy during COVID-19

Has it really only been one week since my last post? The world seems so changed. I have been incredibly busy this week. My online job finds me working hard. For this, I am grateful. I already work from home, with a company that is completely online. So there is no transition to online work (as there is for so many others). I plan to explain more of what I do in next week’s post!

This week, I joined an online community called, “Friends in Flow”. Awhile ago, I had found Idahosa Ness. He created something called, The Mimic Method, for language learning. Trained as a violinist as a kid, he takes a musical approach to languages.

Rather than studying flashcards or memorizing tenses, Idahosa focuses on a language’s rhythm. I was immediately onboard, having watched so many Spanish shows and hearing how the language flows (which is often the reason phrases don’t translate literally – it just doesn’t flow). I purchased two of his courses. And proceeded to do exactly nothing with them. *sigh*

Nevertheless, I was on his email list! When he published Friends in Flow as a social community designed to support “staying in the flow” during this time of isolation – I wanted in. “Staying in the flow” meant staying productive, healthy, active, engaged. “Falling into fog” meant binge-watching the latest Netflix series (hello Tiger King – I refuse to watch you), eating an entire pizza or carton of ice cream, sleeping all day. You get the picture.

This week was the first week “in flow”. Idahosa (pronounced ‘ee-dow-sa’) operates the group via Slack. There are a variety of channels where people can post photos or updates of how they are staying “in flow”. I’ve been posting photos of our CrossFit workouts in the #movement channel. I’ve posted photos of all my healthy cooking in the #nutrition channel. I’ve been playing around with the Headspace and Calm apps for meditation and better sleep, in the #sleep channel.

It’s been such a great experience so far. The group is full of these motivated, high energy individuals. With each post, several people ‘like’ or reply, encouraging us to stay in flow together. One afternoon, I was struggling. I wanted pizza, wine and Netflix. I thought of my Friends in Flow, and posted this:

Beth WolnyApr 1st at 3:51 PM
I’m struggling! Mind is racing; want to veg out. Instead – I am going for a walk to clear my head, think through ideas and return to re-engage. (No Netflix vegging out for me today! Thanks for the support all. This was definitely a moment where I would have spent the rest of the day in Netflix, eaten a pizza, and felt horrible about myself. But not today, not with my Friends in Flow. :slightly_smiling_face::clap:5:+1:1

The sense of community that I feel is amazing. We are constantly cheering each other, learning from each other and giving to each other. There is a #service channel. What better way to get outside ourselves? I made two contributions to the #service channel this week.

First, I joined Team Rubicon. A couple of Marines created this non-profit organization after the earthquake in Haiti. They got their visas, and showed up to help. The organization has grown tremendously.

Team Rubicon’s mission is providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters, be they domestic or international. By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions, Team Rubicon aims to provide the greatest service and impact possible.

Volunteers must complete a background check and two online FEMA courses to become familiar with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). I’m excited to be part of the team. It sounds like they take the best aspects of military service and put them in one place. They give back while giving veterans a sense of purpose and community. I love the idea, and look forward to the first opportunity to “deploy”.

Second, I offered to give free personal coaching sessions to anyone in the Friends in Flow group. Idahosa had asked if members had skills or knowledge to offer, that they share with the group. Since I am working through my personal coaching training right now, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. I gave a short presentation on what coaching is, how it might benefit, and offered 3 sessions free. So far I’ve got one taker! Hopefully more will follow.

The week went by fast. Thankfully I have my desk set up! So working and writing are easier. I hope all of you are healthy, safe and staying sane during this time. More next week!


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