January – Establishing My Home Base

My goals for January were simple – to establish my Florida residency, to register with the VA here in Tampa, to think about next steps and to recover a bit from the end of year madness that 2019 became. As I reflect back on this month, I see that January did exactly what I wanted. I am feeling a bit more settled, a bit more together.

My trips to the DMV were uneventful (thanks to appointments!). My VA registration was easy – they were so friendly and helpful. The doctor made an extra effort to schedule my initial appointment, and get me started on the right path. The VA has changed a lot since I last used their services in 2005. So far, I’ve been happily impressed with the VA in Tampa.

The military sent me the things that I had put into non-temporary storage. As always, it was fun to open boxes and bins that I had not seen in nearly 18 months! I did a bit more downsizing, but already have so little that there was not much more of which to divest myself.

I found an apartment! A small studio, it reminds me of my first apartment in southern California nearly 20 years ago. Why did I secure an apartment? It establishes a home base for me – somewhere to which I can return from my travels, somewhere I can rest and recuperate. Because more than anything this year, I wanted quiet and rest.

When I contemplated traveling throughout the year, I remembered how exhausting travel can be. And “exhausted” is the last thing that I want right now.

Of course I will still travel! I already have a trip to Machu Picchu in June. And as I write this post, I sit in the airport awaiting my flight to Chile.

But a home base will enable me to rest, to establish a routine, to put a bit of structure to my days. It will also enable me to be close to my family this year, which will be wonderful.

It will also enable me to do a few other things – perhaps make some friends in Tampa, perhaps to volunteer to teach ESL or literacy classes.

This is another unexciting post, and I apologize for that. Next time there will be more to tell, and pictures to share, as I return to a place I love – Chile. Till next time!

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