Reflection on 2019

Happy New Year! 2020 will be a great year (despite all the other happenings in the world). As I retire from 20 years in the Marine Corps, I decided that the best gift I could give myself was one of peace, quiet and kindness to myself this first year. I have nicknamed it my “Decompression Year”. I am extraordinarily proud of my service in the Marine Corps, have loved my career – the adventures, the friends and the challenges. And I am ready for this next phase (adventure) of my life.

Before I set off, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on 2019. It felt like a tough year, but when I look back honestly, it was filled with tremendous joy as well. Here’s a quick recap:

  • 3 dental surgeries (one very tired tooth extracted – oh that was painful! and a new one implanted);
  • 3 bouts of bronchitis;
  • 4 acupuncture visits to address the bronchitis;
  • taught 3 ten-week seminars (1 of which I led);
  • lived 3 months in Omaha (which I loved);
  • fell in love – completely, insanely, irrevocably;
  • found myself brokenhearted;
  • felt surrounded by all the love and support I could possibly imagine (thank you all!! you do not know how much you helped me);
  • visited the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon with my family;
  • organized and spoke as guest speaker at my last active duty Marine Corps cake cutting ceremony (nailed it!);
  • ran my last PFT (nailed that, too!);
  • injured a tendon in the process (thank you, pull-ups);
  • said goodbye (for now) to some incredible people and very good friends;
  • surprised Lucy with a Christmas visit (best decision ever);
  • rang in the New Year (and new decade) with my amazing family;
  • retired from the Marine Corps.

It was quite a year. I’m not at all sure what is next for me. It seems every time I try to make plans, they get obliterated. Therefore, I have decided to take 2020 one moment at a time. I am in Tampa for the month of January, working online and attending Crossfit workouts with my brother. I travel to Chile for a quick visit in February (cannot wait to see my friends!). After that, who knows? I will be sure to keep you updated.

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