Grand Canyon (North Rim)

After Bryce Canyon, we moved onto the highlight of the trip – the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We learned that the North Rim only gets 10% of total visitors each year to the park. I felt so grateful for this – as I prefer to enjoy my great outdoors in as much peace as possible.

It was still very busy! Even in September (shoulder season), there were tourists everywhere on the trail. Many from the US, but from all over the world. I heard French, Italian, Spanish, Eastern European (which I am not knowledgable enough to identify).

Even from the rim of the canyon (we opted NOT to hike down), the views were breathtaking (see below). That first hike I had to remind myself not to wander too close to the edge. I was mesmerized for the mile or so we walked, until we arrived at our lodging. The main house literally sat on the edge of the rim (picture below), while we stayed overnight in individual log cabins. I loved every minute!

Unfortunately, I began to get sick during the two days we were at the Canyon. So I did not enjoy it to the full extent possible. Perhaps this made me even more grateful that we stayed so close to the rim. I did not have to go far for some of the most spectacular views I could imagine.

Before I close this short post, I do want to talk quickly about the food on our trip. Backroads (our tour company) is colloquially known as “Snackroads”. For good reason! Every time we stopped, started, went somewhere, there was food! And it was delicious, beautiful, healthy food.

When I made my tour reservation, I had hesitantly checked the “vegan” box. I wondered how they might attempt to support my request. Would I be eating pasta and cereal for a week? Happily, I discovered quinoa, tofu, veggies and fruit (even a vegan cookie, just for me!) galore. Every single meal felt a welcome respite from a world in which I find myself constantly trying to see what I can eat, what I’m willing to eat, where I’ll compromise, how I can still get my vegetables and fruit. For the first time since I’ve begun eating this way, I felt completely supported. Thanks for that, Backroads!

One more post to go in this 3-part series – and though the Grand Canyon was truly spectacular, I think I still liked Zion National Park best.

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