Bridge to Nowhere

My apartment overlooks the Missouri River, and my current favorite thing to do is to watch the sun rise as I enjoy my morning coffee. In the distance, I can see the multi-colored lights of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. It’s a bridge that connects Omaha, Nebraska with Council Bluffs, Iowa. To the locals, it’s known as “The Bridge to Nowhere”.

For on the Omaha side, there is a bustling downtown with hip restaurants, shops and a lively Farmer’s Market on Saturdays in summer. On the Council Bluffs side, there are residences, “closed” trails and a Harrah’s Casino. The disparity is striking, and thus led to the nickname, “Bridge to Nowhere”.

Regardless, I love the pedestrian bridge. The first time I crossed into Iowa on an exploratory walk, I was excited to be adding one more state to my list of states visited. It is beautiful lit up in the early morning hours, which I enjoy each weekday. (Can you believe that I’ve returned to my old 0430 wake up habit?) I sip my coffee as I think of the day in front of me, as I think of how grateful I am for this summer, as I find myself continuously surprised at how happy I have been in Omaha.

Then I’m off for my run (or run/walk, more often nowadays). It’s just about 1.5 miles from my apartment to the other side of the bridge. It’s beautiful first thing in the morning, and I treasure these early morning forays. I’ve included a few pictures below.

I will miss Omaha. Still can’t believe I’m saying that. Such a hidden treasure.

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