Rest and Relaxation in Old Market

What a lovely morning here in Omaha. It had been a long week at work. Being the team lead for the three person teaching team is hard work. The first several weeks are particularly busy, and I taught virtually every class this past week. By Friday afternoon, I was exhausted.

Fortunately, I had an acupuncture appointment scheduled already. I also happened to notice a fun little shop on the way. It was a beautiful summer day; I had the afternoon to myself and I was determined to enjoy it. So I found a place to eat lunch, relaxed for a bit and then did some shopping. I got myself a new dress for summer, and was feeling very much renewed by the time I returned home.

Early this morning, I woke for a short run and then ventured to the farmer’s market. Every Saturday during the summer, vendors come together with their fruits and veggies, eggs and meat, fresh roasted coffee, wine (!), jewelry and assorted other things. This may seem such a simple thing – walking around the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning. I have discovered that it is the simple things in life that I love the most. Fresh produce, a few conversations with vendors and music all along the way. I cannot imagine a better start to the weekend.

Music, you ask? I have been pleasantly surprised to find consistently street musicians playing throughout the downtown area of Old Market. Saxophones, violins, cellos and even a flute this morning! Of course it’s a great opportunity for them to make a bit of money. I especially appreciated the very intelligent parents who put two containers in front of their two boys and their instruments. One said, “Music Camp” and the other said, “College Fund”. Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant.

I’m so content here. Am I really in Omaha, Nebraska? Is it just because it’s summer and lovely outside? Is it because I live downtown and can walk everywhere? This likely has a lot to do with it. I have always loved urban living. I love walking trails and pedestrian roads. I love having a few of the river from my window. I love the fabulous variety and quality of restaurants available in Old Market. It’s certainly been quite the surprise to find such vibrancy and fun out here. I’ll definitely miss it when I leave.

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