My First Mail! And a Little Golf Practice

A few friends have asked repeatedly, “Could I send you something? Give me your address; I’d like to see how long it takes for something to arrive in Chile.” Each time, I’d waved them off. There are far too many horror stories of mail that took months (occasionally over a year!) to arrive in Chile. There are far too many pictures of boxes that have been pillaged, items missing, food half gone, etc. etc. I told them it wasn’t worth it, please don’t send anything.

But I love my friends. They persisted – “Can’t I even send you a card??” Ok, ok, I gave my address with the admonition – only a card.

This past week, as Marta and I happened to return to the apartment, the concierge at the front desk stopped us. He turned to the desk to pick something up. Marta (and I) naturally assumed that whatever it was would be for her. But the concierge looked at her and said, “No”. He then turned to me with a smile and said, “Para ti”.

For me?? Really? I got mail!! I was so excited, and not at all surprised to see that my very best friend Lucy had sent me my first piece of mail in my new home.

I love getting mail. Who doesn’t? I have felt for several years that we should use the postal system more often for things like letters and cards. If nothing else, we should try to offset the balance of bills and junk mail we so often receive. I had started a habit (on again, off again) of sending cards and letters to my friends. I so enjoyed this method of catching up with people. It felt more personal than email, yet did not impede on anyone’s day. It was simply a lovely surprise when one came home (perhaps after a long day at work). So to receive such an unexpected surprise here in Chile – it made my day!

It had taken exactly one month to arrive from the United States.

I didn’t care. I was so happy, and what a lovely card.

A few days later, another card was pushed under our door. More mail for me! Once again, I was not surprised to see another very great friend, Trevor, had sent me my second piece of mail in Chile. I am so very grateful to have such wonderful friends. Thank you!!! 🙂 (picture below of both cards)

It also took exactly one month to arrive. Do you think perhaps the postal systems are coordinating to set a date to traverse a hemisphere and two continents? Hmm . . . I wonder.

This week, I also went out to the golf course – for the first time in 4 years. I had mentioned to my friend, Steen, that I had played golf in a previous life (a million years ago now). He said we should try to play, and suggested that we begin with a little practice.

Though I’ve never really enjoyed hitting golf balls, I thought perhaps he had a good idea. So we set off for the driving range. And this is the reason I share this story. Check out the view! I have never seen such a beautiful view from a range. The course is set atop a hill, and so overlooks the ocean just about everywhere you go.

This also makes for a very hilly course, but I did not have to discover just how hilly that day. We hit a bucket of balls from this grass driving range (what a treat to hit from grass instead of mats!). For me, it was actually a really relaxing morning finding my swing again, and looking out over the ocean.

My swing did return, as always. I was pleased to find that I could still hit the golf ball. And I was pleased to think of a day on the course sometime in the future.

To wrap up this week’s kind of eclectic blog, I’ll share two more things quickly.

First, my ankle is healing well. I have been running this past week, just 3 miles and very slowly, but I am definitely running. And without pain, so that’s an added bonus. It feels so amazing to be back on my beach – my happy place (picture below) – several mornings a week. I am so very grateful, once again, to my amazing foot doctor who put my feet back together, and to all the people who supported me during my healing process. It’s been worth it!! So thank you all again!!!

Lastly, my heart warms to think of all the friends I am making in Chile. Several of you may know that I took over leadership of a local coffee group (October). This is part of Internations, a group that is organized to bring locals and foreigners together. Events occur about once a month. I had learned of this group last July, and had already made a few friends through it.

I was searching for a way to expand my social circle, and thought how fun it might be to explore new coffee shops while meeting new people. So I started looking for fun places to go.

The first month, no one came. I was so disappointed. But I persevered. The second month, two people came (my great friends, Janne and Steen). As the months continued, more and more people started coming. We hit a high yesterday with 12 people!! I was so very excited, proud and happy to see everyone enjoying themselves on a relaxing Saturday morning. (picture below) My life is very full here in Chile, full of joy. I am once again grateful for the opportunity to travel here, for the courage to change my life and for the goodness all around me.

Hasta la próxima, abrazos y besos!

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