Final Week at School

It’s hard to believe that almost eight weeks have passed since I arrived in Chile. So much has happened. I feel like a different person. As I write this post, I’m enjoying Vina in my favorite way – with a glass of wine, sitting on the balcony. 

Sunday was a perfect day. I got up, went for a run on the boardwalk, studied a bit, went to a museum (pictures below) and then walked the beach. It was the last day of summer break before all the kids went back to school. Everyone was out. (More pictures below) As I walked, I simply enjoyed the day. I discovered that every beach is a dog beach in Chile. I even got myself a stick of chocolate covered strawberries. I came home with a bit of sun on my shoulders and a lightness in my heart. This is why I came to Chile.

Tuesday I went for a run and discovered the local wildlife (picture below). I stopped for a few minutes to watch them as they jumped on and off the concrete piling. I have come to relish my afternoon runs. I get out about every other day, and am up above 4 miles now (something I haven’t done since Afghanistan). 

It is on my runs and on the balcony where much of my vision quest has taken place. Many of you know that I came searching for something – a way ahead, a purpose, some meaning. This has not found its way into my posts as I think it’s a bit philosophical for the lighthearted tone I’ve been seeking. But for a moment I will indulge and say that I’ve found so much here in Vina. I have found I can be myself all the time. I have found tranquility that I have not felt in years. And I am happy. I will miss this place very much.  It reminds me of San Diego – with less people and less traffic. 😉

But it is time to move on. Saturday I travel north to Iquique. I am going by bus (24 hours) because it is inexpensive and convenient. It also comes with a full flat bed. So I’m thinking I might actually sleep. I’ll definitely give you the full report.

Today two friends from school and I went out for Peruvian. I was hungry for ceviche and thought the treat would be nice. And do you know that after 7+ weeks in Chile, I became the spokesperson for the table?? Can you believe I was the one who spoke the most Spanish, and that I was actually able to understand about half of what the waiter said?! He was so nice. I thanked him for his patience with us and he laughed and said not to worry about it. It was so fun almost having a conversation with him!  And the food was amazing. I also had the soup (picture below), allegedly a Peruvian specialty. Wow – so good.  

So I look forward to writing again soon. Till next time!



  1. so glad the vision quest has been a success — you deserve more than a little wine and sun in your life! I’ll have a bottle waiting to share when you get back

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