My Room at the “Q” – AKA Bachelor Officer’s Quarters

Because the accommodations here at Camp Lejeune have proven so interesting to me, I have felt the need to share with you!  I am hoping you will find these incidents as amusing (and, admittedly frustrating) as I have. 

The room itself is modest, which is not unexpected.  As with most of the Marine Corps, the furniture and facilities may be modest (read – old and overused) but they are always impeccably clean.  No complaint here, cleanliness is definitely the most important thing to me!

However, my first morning in the room began with a cold shower.  Oh no!  Was this typical?  Was I going to have to go to the gym to shower each morning?  I had no idea, it being my first day in the room.  I sincerely hoped not, and vowed to ask the other Lt also staying here.

Having gotten through my cold shower, I made my Via coffee with some hot water from the coffee maker.  There is a “kitchenette” in the room, hardly worthy of such a laudable name.  There are 2 very sad plastic plates, 2 very small (also sad) plastic bowls, 2 forks, 2 butter knives, 2 spoons and a can opener.  No mugs.  No glasses.  Plastic cups and Styrofoam cups.  Modest is fine, but this is getting downright silly!  I pulled my travel bowls out for my morning oatmeal, and was very grateful that I had my coffee travel mug.

Determined to persevere, I went to the commissary to buy some food.  I decided to keep it simple, with just some turkey, whole grain bread, avocado, onion and brown mustard.  I also bought some sweet potatoes and eggs, some lemons for water, just to feel like I had some of my own food again.  The first day went well.  I made myself a sandwich at lunch, and it was delicious.  I was beside myself with joy.  (Yes, it really doesn’t take much to make me happy)

Sigh.  By the next morning, the food had started to freeze.  By the second morning, everything in the refrigerator was frozen and I was unhappy and frustrated.  Can you picture it?  All of my beautiful food, so proud of myself for persevering and attempting to be healthy, just to be outdone by a freezing refrigerator!

Starting over this weekend.   It seems my persistence knows no bounds, perhaps I should learn my lesson??  Regardless, I buy real mugs (desperately missing my green tea, and relaxing coffee), real bowls (for oatmeal and dinners) and a real knife (so I can cut things!).  I also invested $20 in a small blender so I can have my shakes after PT, and some Tupperware.  I figure if the fridge is going to freeze, then I should make food that can be frozen!

 Sitting here, sipping my lovely green tea, out of my lovely $1.75 mug from Wal-Mart, I have made chicken for the week, and have sweet potatoes ready for a quick dinner.   I made a trip to Whole Foods for some Vega shake mixes (which promises to get my vegetables, omega-3’s, protein and probiotics all in a lovely tasting shake).  So I should be getting some more nutrients in my body, which is crying desperately for some!  Next, a re-attack on the lunch hour.  There is a rumor of a fridge at work that might just work perfectly for sandwich meat and fixings.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  😉

Oh, and are you wondering whether my cold shower was a daily occurrence?  No, hot showers ever since!!



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