Week 4 Reading Reflections

Week 4 Readings Reflection


This week’s readings were a great introduction to thinking about web design in advance of actually putting things together.  Though initially I felt intimidated, I soon found that the articles were designed to get us thinking about how we would approach website creation.  They wanted us to think about basic things like font size and type, how to white board a website (I particularly enjoyed the article on designing a website on paper before getting into the computer aspect).


Again, much of this seemed to mirror things we already know in other aspects of our lives.  I know from experience that it’s better for me to put things on paper – where I can see it easily, physically move things around and doodle thoughts or notes in the margin – before I start typing.  If I simply go straight to typing, I feel like everything must already be organized, thought out and look perfect on the typed page.  Putting things on paper first allows me to play, giving more freedom to the creative process.


The article on project management (for that’s how I view it) was also helpful.  Designing a website does not seem to be much different from many projects.  There are timelines, funding constraints, and a “good idea cut-off point”.  By this, I mean that most of the creative thought and requirements needs to come earlier in the project rather than later.  At some point in the project, we may still be generating good ideas, but we are too far along in the process to implement those ideas without seriously derailing the rest of the project.


They are all good thoughts to keep in mind as we move forward, and start thinking about applying this knowledge to our own websites!


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