Intellectual and Technical Autobiography

Hello CLIO I!

As directed for our first practicum, please see my autobiography below.

Born on Long Island, we moved to Florida when I was ten.  I still miss the hot weather, and would love to never see winter again!  I went to Holy Cross College for my undergraduate education, on a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship.  Upon graduation (2000), I was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps and became a logistics officer.  Deployed to Iraq in 2003, and having served in several different cities and nations, I left active duty in 2009 after completing my MA in Security Policy Studies at GWU.

In August 2009, the Department of the Navy once again offered me a home, this time as a Presidential Management Fellow.  In 2011, I converted into my full-time position as the NATO/Europe Desk Officer in the Warfare Integration Office.

My Reserve career still keeps me busy and remains an important part of my life.  My current reserve unit is History Division, Marine Corps University in Quantico, Virginia.  That is the shortest version I could manage of my intellectual autobiography.

Technical autobiography?  I’m not sure I could qualify anything in my background as “technical”.

One general statistics course as part of my MA, much internet surfing, the recent conversion from PC to MAC and purchase of associated Apple products (my IPAD being the favorite) is about the extent of my technical autobiography.  Oh yes, I downloaded a scanning app which allows me to take pictures of documents and immediately convert them to PDF files.  Does that count?

This course is equal parts exciting and frightening to me.  I am your quintessential history major in that technology in general and numbers in particular tend to baffle me.  I’m looking forward to being pushed very far out of my box!

Thanks for reading,


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